Acer Aspire 5510 User Guide

Traveling internationally with the computer





Special considerations

In addition to the guidelines for taking the computer home, follow these 
guidelines to protect your computer while traveling:

Always take the computer as carry-on luggage.

If possible, have the computer inspected by hand. Airport security X-ray 
machines are safe, but do not put the computer through a metal detector.

Avoid exposing floppy disks to hand-held metal detectors.

Traveling internationally with the computer

When you are moving from country to country.

Preparing the computer

Prepare the computer as you would normally prepare it for traveling.

What to bring with you

Bring the following items with you:

AC adapter

Power cords that are appropriate for the country to which you 
are traveling

Spare, fully-charged battery packs

Additional printer driver files if you plan to use another printer

Proof of purchase, in case you need to show it to customs officials

International Travelers Warranty passport

Special considerations

Follow the same special considerations as when traveling with the computer. In 
addition, these tips are useful when traveling internationally:

When traveling in another country, check that the local AC voltage and the 
AC adapter power cord specifications are compatible. If not, purchase a 
power cord that is compatible with the local AC voltage. Do not use 
converter kits sold for appliances to power the computer.

If you are using the modem, check if the modem and connector is 
compatible with the telecommunications system of the country you are 
traveling in.