Acer Aspire 5510 User Guide

Traveling with the computer



Special considerations

Follow these guidelines to protect your computer while traveling to and 
from work:

Minimize the effects of temperature changes by keeping the computer 
with you.

If you need to stop for an extended period of time and cannot carry the 
computer with you, leave the computer in the trunk of the car to avoid 
exposing the computer to excessive heat.

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause condensation. Allow the 
computer to return to room temperature, and inspect the screen for 
condensation before turning on the computer. If the temperature change 
is greater than 10 °C (18 °F), allow the computer to come to room 
temperature slowly. If possible, leave the computer for 30 minutes in an 
environment with a temperature between outside and room temperature.

Setting up a home office

If you frequently work on your computer at home, you may want to purchase a 
second AC adapter for use at home. With a second AC adapter, you can avoid 
carrying the extra weight to and from home.

If you use your computer at home for significant periods of time, you might also 
want to add an external keyboard, monitor or mouse.

Traveling with the computer

When you are moving within a larger distance, for instance, from your office 
building to a client's office building or traveling locally.

Preparing the computer

Prepare the computer as if you were taking it home. Make sure that the battery 
in the computer is charged. Airport security may require you to turn on your 
computer when carrying it into the gate area.

What to take with you

Take the following items with you:

AC adapter

Spare, fully-charged battery pack(s)

Additional printer driver files if you plan to use another printer