Acer Aspire 5510 User Guide

Acer Empowering Technology



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Acer Empowering Technology

Acer's innovative Empowering Technology makes it easy for you to access 
frequently used functions and manage your new Acer notebook. It features 
eight handy utilities:

Acer eDataSecurity Management protects data with passwords and 
advanced encryption algorithms.

Acer eLock Management limits access to external storage media.

Acer ePerformance Management improves system performance by 
optimizing disk space, memory and registry settings.

Acer eRecovery Management backs up/recovers data flexibly, reliably 
and completely.

Acer eSettings Management accesses system information and adjusts 
settings easily.

Acer eNet Management hooks up to location-based networks intelligently.

Acer ePower Management extends battery power via versatile usage 

Acer ePresentation Management connects to a projector and adjusts 
display settings conveniently.