Acer Aspire 5670 User Guide

Make DVDs





Note: The snapshot function is available when TeleText is running.

Make DVDs

Acer Arcade provides an easy and complete solution for recording data, audio, 
photos or videos. You can burn and share any combination of data, music, 
photos or videos onto a CD or DVD — direct from Make DVD mode or some of 
the other Acer Arcade media modes.

Authoring CD/DVDs

With Acer Arcade it is possible to create CD or DVDs directly from the main 
menu, or from whichever media mode you may be using. The burn DVD option 
can be found in the "Advanced" or "Main" menu of Video, Album and Music 
media modes.
You can burn your favorite songs to a CD  or convert songs from your music 
collection to MP3 and other popular audio formats. You can even create MP3 
CDs with over 100 of your favorite songs and listen to them on your PC or MP3 
CD player.
With Arcade, you can also turn digital photos into a slide show with 
background music, or burn TV and film clips into an amateur movie. You can 
share any event with your friends and family for playback on most DVD players. 
You can even add customized theme menus and menu music.
It is also possible to burn combo CD/DVDs with music, photos, film and TV clips 
all in one. The possibilities are endless!
For specific details about each of these options, click the Help button to open 
the Arcade help menu.

File type compatibility

For details on file compatibility, please refer to the first page of the Arcade 
online help menu for each media mode.