Acer Aspire 5670 User Guide





If your computer came with a DVD drive, you can play movies from DVDs and 
video CDs (VCDs) with the Cinema function of Acer Arcade. This player has the 
features and controls of a typical DVD player.
When you insert a disk into the DVD drive, the movie begins playing 
automatically. To control the movie, the pop-up player control panel appears at 
the bottom of the window when you move the pointer.
If more than one optical drive contains a playable disk, click the Cinema button 
on the Home page to open the Cinema content page, then select the disk you'd 
like to watch from the list on the right.
When viewing DVDs, the following special controls are added to the pop-up 

DVD Menu





The disk currently playing will be shown in the area above the list of drives. This 
page is also displayed when you press the Stop button during a movie. The 
buttons on the left side allow you to resume the movie from the point it was 
stopped, restart the movie from the beginning, jump to the DVD menu, eject 
the disk, or go to the "DVD Settings" page.


To access the settings for Cinema, first click the "Settings" button on the main 
menu, and then click on Cinema. This allows you to change  "Video" and 
The "Settings" control the audio and subtitle output of DVDs.
"Subtitles" selects the default subtitle language for DVDs when available. The 
factory setting is "Off."
"Closed Captions" turns on the closed captions on DVDs. This function displays 
captions encoded in the video signal that describe onscreen action and dialog 
for the hearing impaired. The factory setting is "Off."
"Audio" selects the default language for DVD titles.
"Display Upon Mute" lets you choose whether to turn on the subtitles or 
captions when you mute the sound for any reason.