BIOS Setup Utility





BIOS Setup Utility

The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) contains important information 
used to configure the hardware and system software settings. Your 
computer reads the BIOS when it first starts up, before it loads the 
operating system.

Your computer's BIOS includes a built-in setup utility called Phoenix 
Software System Configuration Utility (SCU). It can be started shortly 
after you turn the computer on, by pressing the F2 key during 
Power-On Self Test (POST).

The BIOS Setup Utility displays summary information on your 
computer, its devices, processor and memory.

Your computer is already configured for optimal performance, and so 
you should not need to run this utility. However, you may need to 
change the BIOS settings if you encounter configuration problems in 
the future. Refer to “Frequently asked questions” on page 65 if a 
problem arises.